Cody Smith is a devoted and experienced guide who has been operating Fish Greers Ferry for over seven years. Along with a team of professional guides to accommodate large groups and corporate outings, he is able to provide a well-planned and successfully executed experience for his clients.

The beauty of the Ozarks and the wonderful outdoor activities it offers are a major attraction to the visiting outdoorsman – and there is nothing better than a successful fishing trip..

Fish Greers Ferry excels in providing the expertise to analyze fishing conditions on a daily basis. With a fleet of boats equipped with state of the art electronics, we are able to pinpoint fish locations and to identify the specific methods, baits and artificials needed to insure a memorable fishing experience. And, speaking of fish…whether you’re after walleyes or crappies, bass or trout, Fish Greers Ferry can tailor a trip to meet and exceed your fishing expectations.

And, as always, “If it swims…we’ll catch ‘em.” Join us for a great fishing experience!


As Cody S. Smith, owner and operator of Fish Greers Ferry tells it, he was born to hunt and fish. By his own admission, he has been pursuing these chosen activities since he was old enough to put on a life jacket. And this love of the outdoors has translated into a successful guide service.

Cody has been a longtime competitive bass fisherman and, over time, has developed a keen understanding of all North American fish species. His guide service was a natural extension of this experience. It affords him the opportunity to share his appreciation of the outdoors with his clients and to help them realize his slogan: “If it swims…we’ll catch ‘em.”

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