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3/28/2016 Greers Ferry Fishing Report and Lake Updates

Up and Down with the weather but the Bite's stayed Strong

Monday, March 28, 2016/Categories: Sponsors , news articles

Hello fellow anglers!  Greers Ferry has been fishing extremely well over the past few weeks.  A couple of weeks ago we where experiencing warmer than average temperatures with an approaching full moon, the fish responded and got shallow(er) in a hurry.  Lot's of Male fish of all species headed to the bank and on flats and in the rivers locating themselves in prime spawning areas here on the reservoir.  A few days later we had night and daytime temperatures fall back into the upper 20's and low 30's with highs in the 50's.  Howling winds accompanied these temperatures and the reservoirs waters cooled to 48 - 53 degrees lake wide.  The shallow bite went down with the surface temps and paused the spawn for another moon.  Over the last few days we have seen another up trend with temperatures and weather.  The bite has responded and fish are once again on the move to shallower water.  


Fishing prediction's are always tough buy i'll give it my best shot for the coming month...


April is a time of change here on Greers Ferry.  Guide season is in full affect and lot's of anglers start hitting the reservoir in hopes of a day filled with catching.  Current weather and water condition's are my number one factor for dictating a starting point for my trips.  I know from experience if we get a warm spring rain your going to have to wait a day or two before you can get into the rivers to get a bite.  However, if we have stable weather I'm looking for current oriented fish and generally the shallower the better, so this tends to be in a feeder creek or major tributary.  If you will fish the current condition's rather than where you caught them last year you will fare much better here on Greers Ferry.  


Our walleye's are in the midst of the spawn.  Lot's of milting males are up in both main lake and tributaries.  Depths of 3-7' seem to be holding the best numbers.  The jerkbait and swimbait bite have been my most productive methods thus far for boating eyes.  Water levels being slightly below normal have these fish more accessible than higher water years.  Main lake points that lead into spawning bays or flats are getting better by the day as fish are in transition at these locations. 


Our white bass and hybrid stripers made a move over the last week or so.  Most of them are long gone from their wintering areas and are staging just down stream from their spawning locals.  These fish are selectively feeding at different times during the day and night.  So timing has a lot to do with a productive bite.  Most of our whites and hybrids are up in the water column getting ready to push after the coming rain.  Look for them to be actively spawning in most all of our tributaries and feeder creeks from now until mid April.  Small in line spinners like the Cindy K are always a good choice.  Small swimbaits and jerkbaits are also a must for finicky fish.  


Crappie anglers are out in full force!  Choctaw Bay and Frontier Canyon have seen heavy pressure with marginal to good success on most days.  I've fished from the Dam to Choctaw and the North side of the reservoir is for sure fishing much better when it comes to these tasty fish.  The Greenbriar Crappie Tournament will be held on April 9th out of Choctaw Recreation Center so this has several teams practicing to be this years winner.  Our crappie will be in full spawn mode this month.  We will have all three stages going on as some of our crappie (black) have spawned on this last full moon.  These fish will be recooping and putting on the feed bag.  Eager males are already shallow and can be caught on a number of baits both with and without a slip bobber.  Trolling flats and creek channel edges will also be a very productive method this month as you target both pre and post spawn fish before and after they move in and out from the bank and spawning locations.  


Fish Greers Ferry Guide Service is your number one chance on filling your freezer this spring.  Give us a call and let us put you on the fish.  We are on the water everyday and are always current on whats the best bite here on Greers Ferry.  Check us out on Facebook @ Fish Greers Ferry or by following one of the links on this page.  Also be Sure and Patronize our fine sponsors and affiliates.  Thanks and Good Fishin`


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